Johann Krynauw

“Empathy is the capacity to think and feel oneself into the inner life of another person”

– Heinz Kohut

My Story
I am a clinical psychologist based in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. I offer individual psychotherapy to adults & adolescents.

Therapy can be a process to restore oneself, which focuses on increasing your awareness of unconscious feelings, thoughts and behaviours, developing new insights into your motivations and resolving conflicts. Psychotherapy teaches you how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills. I tailor my therapeutic approach to the specific needs of each individual patient.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship forms the basis of any psychotherapeutic intervention, upon which the application of theory and techniques may facilitate a space for potential change or restoration . I am experienced in working within a multi-disciplinary team, with colleagues and patients from a variety of different cultures and contexts. I focus on therapeutic interventions in adult and adolescent mental health with a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders as well personality disorders.

I specialise in a therapeutic approach which focuses on helping individuals with developmental problems (called “diagnoses”) to identify, acknowledge and address the issues that have kept them from living the lives they want to live. Part of my extensive training exposed me to a variety of therapeutic models and approaches; including but not limited to: individual, group psychotherapy from person-centred, dialectical-behaviour, psychoanalytic and systems theory frameworks


It is important to me to offer and provide a safe space for therapy to explore true and difficult emotions. Therefore I pride myself on having an open and non-judgemental attitude to establish a therapeutic bond between the patient and the therapist. I place great importance in the ‘therapeutic alliance’ which means that therapy is an active collaboration between the therapist and patient.


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My practice is based at the Cape Gate Oncology Centre on the first floor. If you wish to schedule an appointment with me, you can CLICK HERE

You welcome to contact me. Should you contact me during the day, the possibility exist  that I will be in consultation with a patient. Therefore kindly leave a text message or voicemail and I will respond soonest.

I am available for psychotherapy consultations between these times:

Monday:                                   09am – 1pm   ;   2pm – 5pm
Tuesday:                                   09am – 1pm   ;   2pm – 5pm
Wednesday:                           Administration
Thursday:                                 09am – 1pm   ;   2pm – 5pm
Friday:                                        09am – 1pm