Johann Krynauw

My approach is broadly psychodynamic. I have a strong interest in Person-Centered therapy

Therapeutic Approach

Person-Centered Therapy, believed that everyone is different and, therefore, everyone’s view of his or her own world, and ability to manage it, should be trusted. All of us have the power to find the best solutions for ourselves and make appropriate changes in our lives. As your psychologist I will provide unconditional positive regard, which means I will be empathetic and non-judgmental to convey your feelings of understanding, trust, and confidence that encourage you to make your own decisions and choices. I place high value on empathetic understanding, which means I completely understand and accept your thoughts and feelings. To be at all times congruence, which means as your psychologist I carry no air of authority or professional superiority but, instead, present a true and accessible self that patients can see is honest and transparent.

Working psychoanalytically with patients allows the patient to gain insight into current problems and explore how past interpersonal relationships shaped a person’s current thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This specific therapeutic technique also explores with the patient what underlying defences there are that maintains the presenting problem and to bring that into conscious awareness to allow restoration. Click here the link that will elaborate more on my specialised training on psychoanalytic technique.

I also work extensively with evidence based treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Reactive Emotional Behavioural Therapy (REBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) where appropriate.

Overall I provide supportive psychotherapy by applying the different modalities to help patients deal with their emotional distress and problems in daily living. It includes comforting, advising, encouraging, reassuring, and listening, attentively and sympathetically. As the therapist I provide an emotional outlet, a chance for patients to express themselves and be themselves.

I speak Afrikaans and English fluently.