Vision statement: Time for Restoration

My vision statement “Time for Restoration” means to develop self capacities for:

Spontaneity: experience capacity to real joy,liveliness ,excitement,meaning.

Balanced Self-entitlement: understanding parental support from childhood to emerge as yourself , even current support from your adult significant other and the mastery of goals, accepted as good enough, and support to achieve this with no judgement from others or towards yourself.

Validating you fully. Acknowledgment of self activation and maintaining self esteem: exploring if unconditional love was there and if the parental interaction was a positive experience and if not one can rebuild it in the here and the now as an adult. This is crucial as it becomes what you can tap from internally fuelling daily your self esteem.

Soothing of pain affects and emotions: your ability to cope and to limit painful emotions in a adaptive manner.

Commitment: The ability to per-severe to attain that goal despite obstacles.

Creativity: Ability to use yourself to change old, familiar patterns into new , unique different ones.

Intimacy: Capacity to express self fully in close relationships with minimal anxiety about abandonment or engulfment fears.


Autonomy: Your capacity to regulate your emotions and to function independently.